I'm a photographer and film maker based in Tulsa, OK, available for travel anywhere in the world. My work includes personal stories of families, births, weddings as well as commercial and non-profit storytelling.


I recently read that in the Mexican tradition, people die three deaths. The first death is when our bodies cease to function. The second death comes when the body is lowered into the ground. The third death, the most definitive death, comes the last time their name is spoken.

My work has meaning because stories must be recorded, names remembered, lives documented. I consider my art to be sacred and essential. My favorite stories are honest, full of love and redemption and grace. My own story has been woven from dark threads, contrasting the light and beauty I stand in today. More than Christmas card perfection, my hope is an invitation in to the intimate and true story of your life.

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amy teague



Tulsa, Oklahoma