Sarah jurecekAnd
i can't thank
her enough.
Beautifulthe portraits
Katie bucklin"We enjoyed our experience and love our beautiful images. She sought out the perfect location and made us feel comfortable by guiding us through the whole process. We highly recommend her!"
Brooke Sturdivant"Amy is the BEST! Not only does she take a beautiful, natural light photograph, but she becomes a part of the family as she does."
marla bender"Amy's joyful personality and genuine interest in her clients naturally brings out their best side for the camera. Even though she must go to great lengths to frame and balance every shot, all the portraits of Ellis seem so natural."
lauren rundle"Amy has the unique ability to capture real moments in an artful way. She guided us through some poses and then let us be. They are all gorgeous, but the ones I treasure are the candid, playful moments."
andrea hogue“Amy celebrated and respected this moment for my daughter and me. She captured her interests, gifts, and personality through the locations and poses she chose. My daughter felt comfortable and confident the whole time. We will always treasure our time that evening and the memories we made.”
hannah kelley"You took normal day living that I have a hard time seeing beauty in and within 2 seconds that world changed for me. I saw mess and you made it magical. It made me see the beauty...and I can't thank you enough."
mea guebelle"Thank YOU. You are so talented and beautiful and just all around wonderful. And it’s just so lovely to see all of us in the frame. We love the film so much! Kids want to watch it over and over again!"
friday pappas"Amy put my son at ease from the first meeting. I feel like she had a good sense of him and was able to bring that out in her photographs. She is very laid back and not pushy at all, but could coax my stubborn son into poses that turned out very natural looking."
amy teague



Tulsa, Oklahoma