Clay and Dust that I am

I was recently reading an article and came across a beautiful passage from the Dead Sea Scrolls. I know these documents are even now being recovered and with each new discovery, the historical context and validity of the bible are more evident.

Clay and dust that I am,

what can I devise unless Thou wish it,

and what contrive unless Thou desire it?

What strength shall I have

unless Thou keep me upright

and how shall I understand

unless by (the spirit) which Thou hast shaped for me?


When the wicked rose against Thy Covenant

and the damned against Thy word,

I said in my sinfulness,

‘I am forsaken by Thy Covenant.’

But calling to mind the might of Thy hand

and the greatness of Thy compassion,

I rose and stood…

I lean on Thy grace

and on the multitude of Thy mercies.

(IQH XII [formerly Iv], 34-7)

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always thought of the Dead Sea scrolls as inaccessible or inapplicable to my life. I felt quite overwhelmed when I read these words and realized how truly timeless our Father’s word truly is.

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